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                                   About Dartanion and Tina Johnson

Dartanion and Tina Johnson are ministers of the Word of God, Dartanion is a certified Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist, a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, a certified Sports Nutritionist, inventor of the Adjustablel Dumbbell Bench Press Machine and a bodybuilder. Dartanion and his wife Tina Johnson are the owners of Spirit Body & Soul Fitness & Ministry. The mission of Spirit Body & Soul Fitness & Ministry, is to evangelize, minister healing and deliverance by the power of the Holy Spirit, as God opens doors!We also educate and motivate people about health and fitness, as well as help people get into shape, by exercising their spirit soul and body using the same principles. Dartanion believes that one can never know enough and continues to educate himself in the health and fitness arena. Dartanion has had the privilege of studying at the Cooper Institute, who is recognized as the leader of the International physical fitness movement! Cooper Institute is credited with motivating more people to exercise in pursuit of good health than any other health and fitness institution! The Cooper Institute is a leader in preventive medicine research, education and fitness professional certifications. Dartanion has been involved in fitness for over 30 years now and one of the main goals of Dartanion and Tina Johnson is to help and work with youth of all ages, as well as adults. The main reason Dartanion and Tina Johnson are inspired to work in the health and fitness field is because for them, it's a ministry and it's been scientifically proven that healthy eating and sufficient exercise can prevent most of the sicknesses and diseases people deal with today! So get ready, your life is about to change!

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