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                                                     Only see yourself as a Champion in Christ!

As human beings we take medicine when we are sick with confidence that it will take care of the illness. We know, and understand that Medical science aids healing through physical means by administering medicine into the physical body, which is known as the natural realm. A lot of people don’t understand that theirs also a Spirit realm that is more real than the natural realm and it works better than the natural realm. The Spirit realm is where God administers his divine healing medicine through the human spirit, and from there it penetrates the physical body and healing takes place as we confess what the word of God says about our healing. Scripture confession can be administered for any and every area of our lives!!


A study of more than 2,800 men and women 65 and older found that those who rate their health poor are four to five times more likely to die in the next four years than those who rate their health excellent. This was the case even if examinations show the respondents to be in comparable health. These findings are supported by a review of five other large studies, totaling 23,000 people, which reached similar conclusions, according to Ellen Idler, a sociologist at Rutgers University. This would confirm Proverbs 18:21: Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. As simply put, you shall have what you say, that’s why confessing God’s Word is so powerful! What we believe and speak not only affects our bodies but our immune system as well. Our words become either a blessing or a curse to us.

Jesus said in LK: 6:45, that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks; and Proverbs 23:7 says as he (meaning anyone) thinks in his heart, so is he. So until your words or the words you speak line up with your thoughs and feelings; your only speaking idle words, because only what you feel and think is what is going to manifest; because what you feel and think is what you really believe!


Affirm these scriptures until you fill your faith rise up in you, (Overflow) or as much as you need to everyday until you see the manifestation of what you are believing for, because the good thing about this, there are no side effects when you take God’s medicine, and you can't overdoes!! Very important to remember once you receive your manifestation, you should always keep up your confessions as a preventive medicine to help protect your body from attacks, or just meditating on what God's Word says about your healing and if you do happen to become ill from a sickness or disease, your faith will be better equipped to deal with it. We should also continue to affirm God's Word for every area of our lives in order to maintain, and to keep a hedge of protection around us. I like the way Paul puts it in the book of Titus 3:8, Paul says, I will that tho affirm constantly! The word affirm means the same as confessing, and constantly is to be consistent! People of God this is the same as exercising, once you reach your fitness goals, you have to be consistent in exercising in order to maintain your fitness level, and so be it with your faith. Notice the Bible says in Romans10:17: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God! Notice it says hearing and not having heard, which implies it must be consistent. Every time you speak the Word of God over yourself, you are hearing the Word of God, and therefore faith is continuing to increase and the manifestation of what you are confessing, or affirming, and declaring is getting closer and closer to coming to pass, because you are exercising your faith!( This is called FAITH PRESSURE ) The Bible says we go from faith to faith, glory to glory, and strength to strength. We never stop growing, theirs always another level to go to! The most important thing to remember is walk in the love of God, for the love of God is the foundation for everything concerning God's Word. The Bible says that even faith worketh by love. Let the love of God rule your heart!


Important to remember, in order to see the power of God manifest in our lives, we must walk in forgiveness. Matt: 6:14-15 lets us know, that if we don’t forgive people for what they have done to us, God will not forgive us for our wrong doings towards him.


Healing affirmations for sickness, and diseases dealing with the flesh, and the spirit of infirmity!

Even intimate worship alone will bring healing to your body, we must learn to have a lifstyle of personal intimate worship with the Father, and when his tangible presence shows up in our place of worship, then we make a demand on what his word says about our healing or any situation!


Common Sickness and Diseases:

1. I thank you God, my Holy Father that you sent your only begotten son, that I may have life and have it more abundantly. Therefore, no Sickness, no pain and disease, have any power over me. I am already healed and immune to all sicknesses, and diseases, and pain free from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet in Jesus name!!! Matt 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24, Ps 107:20, Is:53:5.


 2. I thank you God, my Holy Father that you sent Jesus, who bore my sins in His own body on the tree; therefore I am dead to sin, and delivered from every curse, and every weakness in my flesh, I have optimum health, and by the stripes of Jesus I am healed and made whole; and because your written WORD says by the stripes of Yeshua, Jesus my Lord and Savior that I'am already healed, I'am immune to all sickness and diseases, and pain free from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet! In Jesus Name!!! 1 Peter 2:24, Matt 8:17, Romans 6:11, and 2 Corn 5:21, Gal 3:13, John 8:36. 


 Affirmation for the total person:

According to I Peters 1:16, everything about me is holy, my mind is holy, my thoughts are holy and therefore my actions are holy in Jesus name!! According to I Corin 2:16, I have the very mind of Christ, my mind operates to the full capacity in Christ in Jesus name!! According to Psalms 19:4, the words that proceed out of my mouth and the thoughts that proceed from my mind are always pleasing to my Holy Father because I have the mind of Christ in Jesus name!! According to II Corin 5:17, I am a new person in the total image and likeness of my Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ in his name!!!

 I thank you God my Holy Father, that in the name of Jesus I am protected from all hurt, harm and danger,Luke 10:19, and Psalms 91: 1-16 is alive on the inside of me and working to it's full capacity in Jesus name!!!

Growth, Tumors, and Arthritis:

1. Jesus bore the curse for me; therefore I forbid growths, tumors and Arthritis to inhabit my body. The life of God within me dissolves growths, tumors, and Arthritis, my strength and health are restored, in Jesus name!!! Matt. 16:19, John 14:13 and Mark 11:23.


2. Father your word has become a part of me. It is flowing in my bloodstream. It flows to every cell of my body, restoring and transforming my body. Your Word has become flesh, for you sent your word and healed me, in Jesus name!!! James 1:21, Ps. 107:20, Pro. 13:3.


3. I thank you God, my Holy Father, Your Word is manifest in my body, causing growths to disappear. Arthritis is a thing of the past. I make a demand on my bones and joints to function properly in Jesus name!!! Mark 11:23, Matt 17:20.


High blood Pressure and Heart:


1. Thank you, Father, that I have a strong heart. My heart beats with the rhythm of life. My blood flows to every cell of my body, restoring life and health abundantly, in Jesus name!!! Prov. 12:14 & 14:30.


2. My blood pressure is 120 over 80, or lower. The life of God flows in my blood and cleanse my arteries of all matter that does not pertain to life, in Jesus name!!! Mark 11:23.


3. I have a strong heart. Every heartbeat floods my body with life and cleanses me of disease and pain, in Jesus name!!! Ex. 23:25, Mark 11:23.


Healthy bones and Marrow:


1. Father, I make a demand on my bones to produce perfect marrow. I make a demand on the marrow to produce pure blood that will ward off sickness and disease. My bones refuse any offense of the curse, In Jesus name!!! Prov. 16:24.


2. I make a demand on my joints to function perfectly. There will be no pain or swelling in my joints. My joints refuse to allow anything that will hurt or destroy their normal function, in Jesus name!!! Prov. 17:22.


3. I speak to the bones and joints of my body, I call you normal in Jesus name!!! My bones and joints will not respond to any disease, for the Spirit life of 1 Peter 2:24 permeates every bone and joint of my body with Life and Health in Jesus name!!!


Confess over your finances and debts:


First thing first, we must be a regular tither, and giver of offerings: Malachi 3:10, Matt 23:23, Lk 6:38.

We know that God wants his people to have more than enough, but our motives must be right. We should want more so that we can be more of a blessing to the Kingdom of God as well as being a blessing to our loved ones, and our selves!

The Bible says in Deut: 8:18, But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swear unto thy fathers, as it is this day.


1. Father I thank you,because you said if I’ am a tither and a giver,according to Malachi 3:10, that the windows of haven are open unto me with blessings I don’t have room enough to receive. You rebuke the devourer for my sake, and he shall not destroy the fruits of my ground, neither shall my vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, and because I 'am a tither and a giver,I declare it's mine in Jesus name!

2. Father I thank you, because I give, therefore according to Luke 6:38 it is giving unto me, good measure, press down, shaken together, and running over, God I thank you that you cause men to give into me, in Jesus name!

3. Father I thank you, because I’ am in Christ; therefore I ‘am a seed of Abraham’s, and heirs according to the promise,in Jesus name! Galatians 3:29.

 4. I thank you Father, because you said in your Word, that you give me power to get wealth, that you may establish your covenant which you swear unto my fathers, and because I' am a seed of Abraham's, I declare it in Jesus name! Deut 8:18

                                       Eliminate Your Debt:

Take copies of mortgages, notes, credit card debt, and all your bill, lay them out before you and boldly declare on the authority of God ‘s Word:


In Jesus name, and on the authority of his Holy Word, I call these debts paid in full! Debt, I speak to you in Jesus name, be paid and gone! Dematerialize and cease to exist! I now declare that all my debts, mortgages, and notes are paid in full, canceled, or dissolved!   SAY IT WITH ATTITUDE; SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!


Medical science is finding that the principle of Mark 11:23 really works, even to bring health to our physical bodies!

Don’t forget to confess that SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPING TO YOU RIGHT KNOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Say it all the time!!! The more the better!!! The reason you should say right now, is because the bible says in Hebrews 11:1, that faith is now! right now, not later!


Also remember to fast from time to time and make it a life style, there’s many ways to fast, for example, 6AM to 12PM, 8AM to 4Pm, 6AM to 6PM, eating fruits, or just drinking water, or however God leads you.  Jesus lived a fasted life style, and he’s our example! Fasting means to deny yourself of something, and it doesn't have to necessarily be food, so from time to time, you can go on a confession, or affirmation fast where you confess and think on Bible scripture concerning yourself, or any situation you are facing not allowing any other thoughts to enter your mind that is not God's Word. You can do confession fasting for 30 min, or hours at a time, or however you choose. Your thinking is powerful, the Bible says as he thinketh in his heart so is he, and the same applys to you, as you think in your heart so are you! If you are reading this and don't know Jesus as you Lord and Saviour, it's as easy as 1,2,3, just say God please forgive me of all my sins, I believe that you sent your Son Jesus to die for my sins, and I believe that he rose from the dead on the third day, Jesus I give my life to you now, I confess you as my Lord and Saviour amen!

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